Christine is an RN, L.Ac..  After completing her nursing degree and working for 20 years in the western medical paradigm, she wanted to approach health and healing from a different perspective, thus leading her to study at Southwest Acupuncture College, in beautiful Santa Fe, NM.    During her time at Southwest Acupuncture College, she had  training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5 Element acupuncture,  Toya Hari Japanese style acupuncture and Mircrosystems acupuncture.  Upon completion of her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program, she relocated to Nashville, TN.

Christine is a TN State licensed acupuncturist and a NCCAOM board certified licensed acupuncturist, with over 3000 hours of classroom and clinical training.

In addition to her background in Nursing and Oriental Medicine, she holds certifications in Usui Reiki, 13th Dimension LaHoChi, Integrated Energy Therapy, ThetaHealing DNA2, Light Language and Ohm Therapeutics Sound Healing and Sound Body.

Christine is passionate about alternative and holistic healthcare and is excited to help people become empowered about their health by learning how to live a spiritually-connected, emotionally-balanced and physically thriving life.

She focuses on treating the whole person, not just their symptoms and is deeply interested in the connection between mind, body and soul. She has witnessed time and again the innate healing power that each person has, and the amazing effect that acupuncture has to activate this power within her patients.

Acupuncture has the unique ability to balance one’s life in a variety of ways, by improving sleep, lowering stress levels, improving digestion and otherwise boosting patient vitality.

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  1. Audrey Snelson says:

    Hey, Girl,
    you forgot to give me your abundance pray last night.
    I slept good and feel better today.
    C U the 9th.

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